Aluminium Casting


Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Casting


Aluminium Die Casting with integrated machining at our plant in Ranjangaon. We have an HPDC facility with 420 tons to 2500 tons Locking Force (Idra, Zitai Presse & Buhler Make) & GDC facility with tilting machines and shell type core shooters.

  • Capacity - 3000 tons/annum.
  • Wide range of HPDC Machines (400T ~ 1900T).
  • Aluminium High Pressure Die casting 50 gms. to 20 kgs. weight.
  • Aluminium Gravity Die Casting - Capacity available.
  • In-house Die Design and Manufacturing.
  • Integrated machining set-up with CNC, VMCs & HMCs machines.
  • HPDC Parts: Gearbox, Clutch, Front & Rear Housing, Cylinder Head cover, Front Cover, Mounting Brackets, Cam Caps, Ladder Frame, Oil Pan.
  • GDC Parts: Spacer Frame LH-RH, Duct Inlet, Throttle Elbow, Engine Bracket, Adapter, Cross gate, Speedo Housing, Air Intake Manifolds.



Range Of Products 0.05 kg to 20 kg 0.1 To 3.5 kg - Die Manufacturing up to 2500T machine
Machine Types 420 tons to 2500 tons Locking Force (Idra, Zitai Press & Buhler Make) GDC  Tilting M/c’s & Shell type Core Shooter (PLC) CNC TC, VMC, HMC, Robo drills, leak testing, washing machine CNC High Speed Milling, Wire cut, EDM, Die spotting etc
Number Of Machines HPDC - 12 Trimming press- 5 GDC Tilter-3 Core Shooters-5 CNC-6, HMC-2, VMC-16, Robo Drills-10, Washing M/c-3 15
Built-up Area 4500 sq. meters 2500 sq. meters - 1250 sq. meters
Melting Furnace Capacity-2000 kg/ hr. Fuel - LPG 2 Nos Capacity-500 kg/ hr. Fuel - LPG - N/A
Inspection Facility CMM- 2nos, X ray, Spectrometer, Hardness and Roughness tester, Microscope with camera, Leak testing- 7 nos
CAD-CAM IDEAS C3P, PRO-E WF3, UG NX4, DELCAM power shape tool design, DELCAM power mill with electrode, DELCAM power inspect, MAGMA & Pro Cast for MFA


ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY UNIT-I B-6, MIDC Ranjangaon, Post Koregaon, Tal. Shirur, Pune


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